Barcelona called off

So my guy and I have had a bit of a rough go. We ended up getting in a huge fight cause I thought the ass was playing me. I called the whole trip to Barcelona off. I didn’t want to go with some two-timing jerk. He had this “friend” at work that he started to go to lunch with and would text at night. Kinda seemed suspicious. So I asked him about it and he just said that she was new and he was helping her out. Right!

Turns out that she is newly single, hot and young. Not cool. I found out from his friend Jerry that he’s been hanging out at her desk a lot showing her how things work and they go for lunch every day. Then at night I noticed he was taking a long time to come in from the car after work. I figured they were texting.

I was cleaning the house the other day and managed to get a hold of his phone while he slept. I know his password so it was easy to check. Looks to me like him and her are doing more than just hanging out a work and him helping her. He talked about going to Barcelona and that he’d bring her back some wine. Now I don’t know about you but if my man was talking about bringing some wine back from a trip with his girlfriend to some hottie in the office wouldn’t you be pissed?

We got into a HUGE fight over it. I went and woke him up and told him exactly what I thought of him. He’s a player and I didn’t want anything to do with him. I packed up some of my stuff and stayed at Jenny’s house. I told him that he could take HER to Barcelona with him. He said that he didn’t want her that he wanted me and that he’s sorry but he’s only being friendly with her cause she’s new. I still think he’s full of shit and I don’t want anything to do with him.

So I cancelled going to Barcelona. I won’t have any photos of me in Barcelona this time. I’ll go there another time with someone who isn’t two timing me. Or maybe I’ll just go by myself and see if I can find some peeps to hang with. He’s so history. Kinda bummed about the trip but I wasn’t going to sit next to that two timing ass for all those hours on a plane and then hang with him once we got there.

I hope he’s happy. I am miserable but way better that I don’t have him in my life anymore.

My time in Aussie land

I love to travel. I have been to many places on this glorious earth. I have sipped tea in China, eaten pasta in Italy, drank beer in Germany, kissed someone in France and now I’m going to glorious Barcelona with my boyfriend and we’re looking for a hot Spaniard to teach us some salsa. Grrrrr!

I’m not sure when it was that I decided I wanted to travel the world. Maybe it was when I was a youngster growing up in Canada. We lived in the northern part of Ontario where in the winter it would get dark at 5 at night and the sun wouldn’t rise until 7:30 the next morning. We would have snow up to our chests and sometimes it would be so cold that your eyelashes would get mini-icicles on them and your nose hairs would freeze. It was always a great time when the radio would say that the wind chill was -45C and that your exposed skin could freeze in less than a minute. I loved winter as a kid. I hated winter as a teen.

Canada and Australia have exchange programs with both being part of the commonwealth of England. Good old queen still a part of who we are. I was in university in Sudbury when there was a recruiter for teacher’s college in Australia. Hey! That was perfect. It got me out of the frozen north and into a place where the weather had to be better than what I was experiencing. And they have beaches in Oz while our only beaches are not glorious with white sand but little pebbles that hurt your feet and a whole lot of seaweed. Ewwww!

So I applied to go to the Teacher’s College at the University of Melbourne. I should have done a lot more reading about the cultural difference between Canada and Australia but I didn’t. Shock! I wasn’t used to the accents having grown up in Northern Ontario where half the population speaks French. I’m so used to hearing people speak English with a French accent that for the first few weeks, I swear I didn’t understand half of what was being said to me. It sounded like blur, blur, blur, ya? What???

I’ve been in Australia for 3 months now. And guess what? I didn’t stay in Teacher’s College. I met my boyfriend, Andy, whose family lives in Geelong. He works at NBN Ready telephone solutions as a sales guy. They do some really cool stuff. Check out their website: Andy looks like the guy at the front on the left of the top photo. That’s not him but it sure looks like him.

So, we are planning to go to Spain. He’s a huge cycling fan and wants to follow La Vuelta a Espana. I’m sure I will get beautiful shots of Barcelona. While drinking some shots. Ha! I’m not so sure on following some cycling race around Spain but I hear the parties are awesome. Until then, adios.

Barcelona here i come!!!!

Andy and I are booked to go to beautiful Barcelona in 4 months in order to follow the Vuelta a Espana. He is a huge cycling fan and said that Basque region is a totally cycling crazy part of the country. Alberto Contaor comes from there and he was a Tour de France winner and he won the Giro d’Italia too. Maybe he won the Vuelta. I can’t remember. I don’t really care, actually.
I am excited to be heading over to Spain. I love Europe. I love the food, the way people party. I don’t know, they seem more laid back in Europe. And the warm weather is always nice. It’s supposed to be beautiful in Barcelona in the summer. If it’s anything like Italy, I’m sure I’ll love it.
I don’t want to do the tour of churches. Ugh! If you’ve seen one church in Europe, you’ve pretty much seen them all. I’m so done with that. I want to see other things. I want to take some awesome pics of Barcelona and the rest of Spain. I’m not so thrilled about camping all around Spain following some cycling race but Andy says it will be amazing. Apparently, one of his coworkers went to Spain and followed the Tour. He said it was a party every day for a few weeks. We’re going to land in Barcelona and then Andy is going to figure out how we’re going to follow the Tour. I don’t even know where it starts or how long it will last.
We’re booked for 3 weeks in Spain. I do want to check out the Barrio Gotico section of Barcelona. My friend Cella, was telling me that it is an old medieval part of Barcelona and is just so cool to be in. In Canada, our oldest buildings are only a couple hundred years old, so this will be impressive. I can’t wait to see it. We are also going to check out some of the night clubs in Barcelona. I’m sure they’re sick. I can’t wait to see how they party there.
Andy got 3 weeks off work. Actually he is taking 2 weeks holidays and they are giving him 1 week unpaid leave. What a cool company to work for. I’m actually just working right now bartending. Nice thing is that we can pick up easy work doing this and serving tables pretty much anywhere in the world. Not sure how we’re going to make coin while we’re in Spain but we’ll figure it out. I’m sure we’ll be a bit of a novelty being an Aussie and a Canuk and all. We’ll see. I’ve always done really well with finding places to stay for cheap and finding little gigs to give me some cash while traveling. We’ll see how Andy does with it. People like him so I’m sure we’ll do fine.
Can’t wait to leave on this trip. Andy and I have never travelled before so I’m hoping he’s good to travel with. I’ll keep you posted!