My time in Aussie land

I love to travel. I have been to many places on this glorious earth. I have sipped tea in China, eaten pasta in Italy, drank beer in Germany, kissed someone in France and now I’m going to glorious Barcelona with my boyfriend and we’re looking for a hot Spaniard to teach us some salsa. Grrrrr!

I’m not sure when it was that I decided I wanted to travel the world. Maybe it was when I was a youngster growing up in Canada. We lived in the northern part of Ontario where in the winter it would get dark at 5 at night and the sun wouldn’t rise until 7:30 the next morning. We would have snow up to our chests and sometimes it would be so cold that your eyelashes would get mini-icicles on them and your nose hairs would freeze. It was always a great time when the radio would say that the wind chill was -45C and that your exposed skin could freeze in less than a minute. I loved winter as a kid. I hated winter as a teen.

Canada and Australia have exchange programs with both being part of the commonwealth of England. Good old queen still a part of who we are. I was in university in Sudbury when there was a recruiter for teacher’s college in Australia. Hey! That was perfect. It got me out of the frozen north and into a place where the weather had to be better than what I was experiencing. And they have beaches in Oz while our only beaches are not glorious with white sand but little pebbles that hurt your feet and a whole lot of seaweed. Ewwww!

So I applied to go to the Teacher’s College at the University of Melbourne. I should have done a lot more reading about the cultural difference between Canada and Australia but I didn’t. Shock! I wasn’t used to the accents having grown up in Northern Ontario where half the population speaks French. I’m so used to hearing people speak English with a French accent that for the first few weeks, I swear I didn’t understand half of what was being said to me. It sounded like blur, blur, blur, ya? What???

I’ve been in Australia for 3 months now. And guess what? I didn’t stay in Teacher’s College. I met my boyfriend, Andy, whose family lives in Geelong. He works at NBN Ready telephone solutions as a sales guy. They do some really cool stuff. Check out their website: Andy looks like the guy at the front on the left of the top photo. That’s not him but it sure looks like him.

So, we are planning to go to Spain. He’s a huge cycling fan and wants to follow La Vuelta a Espana. I’m sure I will get beautiful shots of Barcelona. While drinking some shots. Ha! I’m not so sure on following some cycling race around Spain but I hear the parties are awesome. Until then, adios.